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Professional Hiring Solutions

Our Mission

To proactively source and recruit top talent for our healthcare clients, in addition to representing candidates who are seeking their next great assignment. We take the time to thoroughly understand the needs of each employer and the culture of the organization to find and attract the right candidate and expedite the hiring process. Our goal is to save you time, expense and the anxiety that results from having important, unfilled positions open.

Our Process

The key to our success is providing personal attention to our clients and candidates alike. We strive to make their experiences professional, constructive and candid while ensuring that feedback and follow-up during the process is impeccable and timely. We understand that recruiting top quality healthcare talent is not an easy task. It requires skill, patience and a knack for identifying extraordinary individuals who will fit seamlessly into the culture of our client companies. No two clients are alike, and this belief drives our commitment to discovering unique assets while catering to each employer’s distinctive needs and requests.

Our process is simple, straight-forward and highly effective:

- Work with our client to determine the profile of the ideal candidate

- Conduct a thorough search for the best candidates through external tools and our extensive database

- Proactively contact 'passive' candidates that possess the right skills and qualifications

- Conduct a thorough interview and prepare an assessment on fit for your organization

- Once our client has made a hiring decision, we work to develop and negotiate a mutually acceptable compensation package